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Our Programs

At String Bean Farm School we offer full time, part time and half day preschool and pre k programs.

We also offer extended care and after school care for children in our program and those in the Cape Elizabeth school system.

Vegetable Picking

Half Day Preschool

Our half day program is designed for the stay at home mom or dad with children      2 1/2 and above.

This mixed age class takes all aspects of our full day program and condenses it into a shorter day.

This program is offered from 9:15 Monday-Friday. Part time is also available.

Children Playing

Full Day Preschool

We have two Preschool classes for children 3 and above:

This program is offered 8:30-4:15 Monday -Friday.  Part time is also available.
In our early preschool program children are learning shapes, colors and work on early number and letter recognition.

In our older preschool class, we are mastering number and letter recognition, letter sounds, and working on early sight words.

This program is offered 8:45-4:30 Monday -Friday.  Part time is also available.

In all of our classes we are continually working on how to be a good citizen in our class and community,  working on lots of art projects and conducting science experiments.

Children in School Bus

Pre Kindergarten

This program is for students four and above who will be entering kindergarten the following fall.

This program is designed to prepare your child for public school socially, emotionally and academically.

This program is offered 
9:00-4:00 Monday-Friday part time is also available.

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