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Stand together with Maine Lobstermen

ZERO and ZERO. Stand Together with Maine Lobstermen.

ZERO and ZERO. Stand Together.

ZERO documented entanglements of the right whale in Maine lobster gear since 2004 and ZERO documented mortalities in Maine Lobster gear ever!

Leaders in Right Whale Conservation for over 20 years and our records show.

Maine Lobstermen and women have brought more than just sustainable seafood to our plates. This multigenerational fishery has built coastlines, communities and provided a future for our children all while pioneering decades of whale conservation efforts and being one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world.

Decades of Implementing Effective Changes The Maine lobster fishery needs your support NOW more than ever. There is a serious threat to not only our way of life, but to Maine’s coastal communities, lobstermen and their families.

We are reaching out to our Rugged Seas family and to all who respect the iconic heritage that is lobstering to come together and help the Maine Lobstermen’s Association continue their fight to protect this way of life. 100% of proceeds will be going directly to the Maine Lobstermen’s Association. Remember, Zero and Zero.

Thank you, Nikki and Taylor Strout

Adult ZERO & ZERO tee$25.00YOUTH ZERO & ZERO tee$23.50

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